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Janie Stillman
Janie in 2005
Janie Stillman
Portrayed by Unknown (2004)
Melinda Page Hamilton (2005-2007)
First Appearance Glued
Last Appearance Blood on the Tracks
Status Alive

Janie Stillman is John Stillman's daughter.


She is first mentioned in Glued as being born in 1980 when her father was busy with the investigation of Tim Barnes, which caused him to miss her birth.

At some point, her parents divorced and her mother remarried but divorced due to her new husband's drinking.

When she was 18, she was sexually assaulted but her and her mother urged her father to not prosecute the perpetrator due to her fears of what others would think of her.

Years later, she got married to a man and had a son named Sean whose baptism was mentioned in Revenge by her uncle Andrew Stillman. In that same episode, she mentioned regretting having her father not prosecute the person who assaulted her.

She is married but indicated in Blood on the Tracks that she and her husband are probably going to divorce.