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Janey in 1963
Janey in 2007
Janey Davis
Portrayed by Elisabeth Harnois (1963)
Leigh Rose (2007)
Episode Boy Crazy
Status Alive

Janey Davis is a side character from the season 5 episode "Boy Crazy". In 1963, she was the typical mean popular girl. Janey was dating Red Buckley at the time and butted heads with Samantha "Sam" Randall over the latter's choice to dress like a boy.

Janey was made the prize in a drag race between Red and Dom Barron. Red lost and she was all Dom's for the night. Dom ditched her instead to hang out with Sam. Janey followed them to the creek where she witnessed them kiss and told everyone at school. This led to Sam being assaulted by Red and his friends, and getting expelled.

Janey had lived through the 1970's feminist movement, which made her more tolerant of gender identities and alternative lifestyles. In 2007, she is a women's studies professor in a liberal arts college.