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Monster 1976
Monster in 1976
Monster 2009
Monster in 2009
James "Monster" Drew
Portrayed by Dylan Kenin (1976)
Patrick Kilpatrick (2009)
Episode Jackals
Status Alive

James Drew or "Monster" is a character from Jackals. He was a member of the Jackals biker gang and served as Sgt-at-Arms to its leader John "Shameless" Clark. The cold case team discover halfway through the episode that Monster is an undercover State Police officer.

James scared away Sarah Blake but he realized that he had become truly a monster. He abandoned the Jackals that very night and dropped off the map for years. Scaring Sarah led to her death when she took the money she made running drugs for the gang and tried to run away with Darren Malloy, only for him to sell her out.

James was found by the Cold Case team in 2009 and he pointed them towards Sarah's friend Libby Traynor, still a frontwoman for the Jackals. At the end of the episode, James saw Shameless and Darren get arrested for Sarah's murder and witnessed the Jackals headquarters get closed for good.