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Creighton in 1999
Creighton in 2004
Sgt. James Creighton
Portrayed by Sam Witwer
Episode The Plan
Status Arrested

James Creighton was a former student of Nash Cavanaugh's at Wilkes Military School For Boys, who also suffered abuse. He was also Nash's killer.


At some point prior to 1999, James' parents sent him to Wilkes Military School For Boys. Like RJ Holden, Dominic LaSalle, and Jerry Kasher, he suffered abuse at the hands of Nash Cavanaugh.

The night that the boys enacted their plan to get rid of Nash, James was the night security/drill sergeant who found Nash having problems in the pool after the students lured him in and beat him. Instead of helping him out, James pushed Nash further in. As he walked away, he found the paper with the plan and kept it until 2004 when he sent it to the police.

Before being caught, James was a drill sergeant who was the assistant to Colonel Henderson, the school's principal. He told the police that he sent the note to them because he wanted to be locked up since he had been looking at boys like Nash had done.