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Jakob in 2006
Jakob in 2007
Jakob Beachy
Portrayed by Christopher Shand
Episode Running Around
Status Arrested

Jakob Beachy was a former Amish boy who murdered Anna Gunden.


He grew up as an Amish boy who went into Philadelphia as part of his rumspringa. During his time there, he got addicted to drugs and a lifestyle of partying. Even though he ultimately became afraid of the "English World", his lifestyle meant that the Amish elders were unwilling to have him back. Eventually, after repeated attempts they gave him an ultimatum; clean up his act or never return. Lacking the strength to change, Jakob returned to Philidelphia, claiming that he preferred the English world. When Anna and Rachel came for their rumpspringa, Jakob was willing to act as a guide to help them fit in.

The first night in, Jakob took them to meet an associate of his,Vince Patrielli. Anna began to bond with Vince, unaware that he had raped Rachel on a dare. Eventually Rachel revealed the truth on a trip to the beach. When Anna considered leaving following her breakup with Vince, Jakob interrupted the meeting with her mother, and Anna learned that Jakob had been excommunicated. He asked Mrs. Gunden to tell his parents he missed them.

He returned after Miriam Gunden left, and tried to talk Anna into helping his plan out. Anna, realizing that she would be making an ill informed choice if she left, decided to stay and refused. Jakob desperately begged her, but Anna still refused. Eventually, Jakob grabbed the knife he stole from Vince and stabbed Anna to death in a fit of panic.

One year later, the police began investigating the case and interviewed Jakob. Putting on a facade of loving the English world, he pointed them in the direction of Vince Patrielli, Anna's ex boyfriend. Eventually, the police learned of his excommunication, and Vera and Valens confronted him at a park. Scotty comforted Jakob by talking about his father, who still had homesickness for Cuba 60 years on. Vera told him his family missed him and wanted him home. Jakob confessed. When Vera and Valens brought him in, they allowed him to say goodbye to his parents. He was last seen in his mother's arms, crying.