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Jaime Reyes in 1999
Jaime in 1999
Jaime Reyes in 2009
Jaime in 2009
Jaime Reyes
Portrayed by Nestor Serrano
Episode Stealing Home
Status Alive

Jaime Reyes is a character from "Stealing Home". He is a sports agent who specialized in poaching Cuban players.

Jaime first made contact with Juan de la Cruz and Gonzalo Luque in 1998. The contact was discovered so they were banned from playing. They fled to the United States but only Gonzalo got to stay. Jaime got him signed to a minor league team. Juan arrived in the US a couple of months later.

Jaime promised to also bring over Gonzalo's wife Piedad Luque, their son Andres, and his parents, but he had the "procurer" Osmany "Oz" Leon bring along a couple of baseball players instead of the parents. Livid at the double-cross, Gonzalo fired Jaime. This inadvertently led to Gonzalo's murder.

In 2009, Jaime pointed the cold case team towards Juan as the actual killer. He is last seen celebrating the signing of another one of his players.