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Jack Chao Lu
Jack in 1983
Jack Chao Lu
Portrayed by Kemp Lee
Episode Chinatown
Status Deceased (1983)

Jack Chao Lu is the primary victim (the other being Tam Sung) in "Chinatown". He was the younger son of Hong Lu and Da Chun Lu, and the younger brother of Ling Lu. He also had two younger cousins, Warren Lee and Stacey Lee. Jack was dating Tam who was half-Vietnamese.

His family's tea store was being extorted by a gang called the Dragon Boys, led by Bo-Lin Chen. His father had told the family to never talk to the police about anything the gang did.

Tam was killed in a gang shootout during the 1983 summer festival and Jack knew the Dragon Boys did it. He wanted to stay with Tam and her father Joe Sung but Ling told him to run and keep quiet.

Jack was arrested by Detective Ray Bianchi for threatening some Dragon Boys. Bianchi had listening devices placed everywhere in Chinatown to build a case against Bo-Lin and he set Jack to work as a translator.

One day, Stacey was kidnapped in a petty scheme for ransom by Dragon Boys. Jack used it as an opportunity to expose Bo-Lin. He went in wired, paid the ransom and got Stacey back. The wire was found but Bo-Lin thought Jack was not worth killing. He instead revealed to Jack that he's been paying off Bianchi.

Jack confronted Bianchi about his corruption and stole an audio tape of Bo-Lin making a deal with his brother Ling to transport heroin in their trucks. That was the last straw for Jack. He hid the tape in the store, then confronted Ling, disowned him and threatened to tell their father. Ling shot him in the back as he walked away. John Stillman was the investigating officer and tried to talk to Jack's family at his funeral but Hong turned him down.

Jack's mother Da Chun came forward in 2009 after her husband died. She believed that her son was killed because of his romance with Tam. The tape was found and Da Chun identified Ling's voice. She refused to ever see him again and just left him a note saying how ashamed she was of Ling for killing his brother and tarnishing his father's legacy. In the epilogue, Bianchi, Ling and Bo-Lin were all arrested. Da Chun and Joe Sung talk over tea and reminisce about their late children. They imagined Jack and Tam walking off together.