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JT Simms in 2003
JT in 2003
JT Simms in 2004
JT in 2004
J.T. Simms
Portrayed by Faruq Tauheed
Episode The Badlands
Status Deceased (2004)

J.T. Simms was a former gang leader. He'd be one of the many people accused of killing 17-year old waiter Derek Jackson and his bosses, Tom Lincoln and his wife, Della, in 2003. The reason was on the night of question (when the murders went down), he ran into Derek and his best friend, Joel Moore, when the two boys were heading over to the restaurant, he and his crew harassed and threatened them. He got angry when Della Lincoln, whose wit and toughness was hard to beat, stood up to him and his men, scaring them off. Then, one year later, he would also be murdered.