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Iris Felice
Iris in 1982
Iris Felice
Portrayed by Unknown
Episode Baby Blues
Status Deceased (1982)

Iris Felice was the infant daughter of Roger and Molly Felice. She was originally thought to have died from SIDS, but her case was reopened after it was discovered that at the time of Iris' death, her hair was wet and there was water in her lungs.

Iris was a premature baby who would wake up many times a night. Her father, Roger, slept in the nursery and her older brother Devon would check up on Iris to make sure she was safe. One night, while in a psychotic state, Molly took Iris outside in the snowstorm with the intention of killing herself and her baby, but she fell asleep and ended up causing Iris to die of exposure in the snow. Molly later woke up, horrified and devastated by what she did. She took Iris back inside the house, placed her in her crib and fell back asleep in her bedroom.

When Roger and Devon went to check on Iris, she was found dead. Roger thought that Devon drowned his little sister and convinced him to lie that Iris died in her crib. Molly blocked it all out and believed this story until the truth was taken from her 24 years later.

After interviewing the family, Brie Romeo, Marta Chavez and Stella Bobker, it was discovered that Molly suffered from postpartum depression as well as the pressures of having two children, a career and a failing marriage. Molly is arrested for the murder. Devon, who had a daughter himself, gave her Iris as a middle name and was able to finally hold her after realizing he wasn't responsible for his sister's death.