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Irene in 1968
Portrayed by Tina Morasco
Episode Debut
Status Unknown

Irene Ridgely was the Mistress of the Rose of the country club in "Debut". She was the wife of Matthew Ridgely and mother of Landon Ridgely.


In 1968 when Lillian Vine and her family were invited to join the country club after her husband was selected for the moon landing, Irene welcomed both her and her daughter, Emma.

When Irene found out Emma was of age to be a debutante, she and Landon invited her to join the season, with Landon even offering her boyfriend, Travis Whitman, as Emma’s escort, since she was going with Chip as an arrangement between their families. However, since the debutantes had already been chosen for the season, one of them had to be cut. Irene chose Sloane, a girl who came from new money and thus, in the eyes of the old money country club, was expendable.

In 2006 while Emma's murder is being reinvestigated, Irene's whereabouts are unknown. By that point, Landon had succeeded her mother as Mistress of the Rose.