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Ian McGowan 1978
Ian in 1978
Ian McGowan 2005
Ian in 2005
Ian McGowan
Portrayed by Tony Daly (1978)
Gareth Williams (2005)
Episode Bad Night
Status Arrested

Ian McGowan is the husband of Vicky Leoni and the killer of Angus Bistrong.


Ian was a firefighter. In 1978, he rescued Vicky from a car wreck. However, due to Ian's improper use of the jaws of life, he ended up causing an injury that crushed Vicky's spine as he pulled her out of the car. Ian kept this a secret with help from his partner and was praised for saving Vicky's life while the driver and her friend, Angus, was blamed for her paralysis.

Angus began looking into the accident. One night, he confronted Ian at his apartment, having done research on firefighting equipment and figured out what really caused Vicky's injury. He tried to appeal to Ian to take responsibility so that Angus and Vicky could be happy together. Ian refused, causing them to argue, in which Angus called him a fraud. In response, Ian picked up a kitchen knife and rushed at Angus, stabbing him twice. He then left Angus' body in an area where his death would be linked to the Grays Ferry murder.

Years later, Ian married Vicky. When Angus' case was reopened, he tried to steer the detectives towards Vicky's father as the suspect. His manipulations failed eventually and he was forced to confess to both of his crimes before being arrested for murdering Angus.