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Hugh Mastersen 1978
Hugh in 1978
Hugh Mastersen 2008
Hugh in 2008
Hugh Mastersen
Portrayed by Jake Thomas (1978)
Anthony Tyler Quinn (2008)
Episode Roller Girl
Status Alive

Hugh Mastersen was Missy Gallavan's best friend and "killer" in 1978.


Unbeknownst to Missy at the time, Hugh had a crush on her and was extremely jealous of other men talking to her. After a horrible night that ended in Julie Reed, Missy's other friend, abandoning her, Julie found Hugh and the two went skating. After Missy scrapes her knee, Hugh makes a pass on her. Disgusted and frustrated, Missy begins to run away from him. Hugh, reassuring her the whole way, grips her shoulders. As she tries to get out of his grasp, Missy falls into the ravine and dies. Hugh flees the scene and keeps her death a secret until 2008, where her case is reopened. He admits his crime to the police, but isn't arrested as a result of Missy's death being an accident.