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Huck Oberland 1964
Huck in 1964
Huck Oberland 2007
Huck in 2007
Huck Oberland
Portrayed by Andy Fischer-Price (1964)
Bruce Boxleitner (2007)
Episode The Good-Bye Room
Status Alive

Huck Oberland is a character from "The Good-Bye Room". He was the boyfriend of Hilary West in 1964 and got her pregnant.

After Hilary was sent away to a home for unwed mothers, Huck went back on his promise to marry her and started dating another girl, Mary-Lou McLaren. Hilary was surprised to see them together when she and the other pregnant girls were allowed to go to town. Huck defended that he got accepted into Yale University and wasn't ready to be a father. When Hilary threatened to tell his parents about the baby if he didn't, Huck informed her mother, Patricia West, who decided to set Hilary straight. This was the last time he saw Hilary before her murder.

Huck is a grandfather in 2007. In the end, he meets his and Hilary's daughter, Barbara Lakey.