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Herman Lester
Herman in 1987
Herman Lester
Portrayed by Mehcad Brooks
Episode The Lost Soul of Herman Lester
Status Deceased (1987)

Herman Lester is the victim in "The Lost Soul of Herman Lester".

He was the star of his basketball team at Philly Tech High in 1987. Being that famous and popular, it brought out the good, but mostly the ugly when a huge pool of suspects in Herman's case formed.

They include his own coach/mentor, Bobby Lein (because Herman wanted to stay in Philly with his pregnant girlfriend Tanya Williams instead of going with with the coach to the University of Florida), his jealous, bad-tempered ex-teammate, Billy Berkenpass Jr. (they buried the hatchet later), his own uncle/parental figure, Freddie (he tried to convince Herman to take a dive), etc. But none of these people did the heinous deed.

It would be unbelievably, Billy Jr.'s father, Billy Berkenpass Sr.! He was furious that his boy, who was one of many mediocre players, was singled out and exiled from both the team and sport. "Why, MY kid?!, why not others?" "Ahh...they’re conspiring against him!" "All because of that so-called talented kid-Herman Lester!" "They all have to pay, especially the Lester boy!" Herman lost his life after being viciously stabbed to death with a screwdriver.

His case was reopened in 2004 after his own son Ray Lester, who followed his father's footsteps in basketball, received a threatening phone call. In the end, Lilly Rush imagines Herman in place of his son Ray on the court at the start of a game.