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Herbert James in 1944
"Wolf" in 1944
Herbert James in 2009
Herbert in 2009
Herbert "Wolf" James
Portrayed by Zane Holtz (1944)
John Aniston (2009)
Episode WASP
Status Arrested

Herbert James (who preferred his call sign "Wolf") was a WWII veteran and pilot. He is the younger brother of Captain Frank James. They had another brother, Charlie, who died in Normandy.


Wolf was training to be a pilot in 1944 and did not like the WASPs. He first met Vivian Lynn when he thought she was a civilian and tried to hit on her. It later became awkward when she turned out to be his instructor.

He sabotaged the plane of a young female pilot, Edna Reed, as a joke, thinking she'd jump out like the other women he'd pranked before. Wolf requisitioned 10 pounds of sugar by forging his brother Frank's signature and then poured it into the plane's gas tank. He was seen by Vivian hanging around Edna's plane but didn't know what he was doing.

Edna's engine burst and her plane suffered a nosedive that would prove fatal, bursting into flames. Vivian, angry about losing Edna, reported Wolf. He prepared to be arrested but no one came, while Vivian had disappeared on a solo flight. However, Wolf remained haunted about the murder he committed.

In 2009, Wolf is shocked that Frank has been arrested for Edna's death so he confesses instead. He refused to reveal the names of the men who helped him sabotage 10 other WASPs' planes, not wanting to disgrace his late comrades' memories. He told the cold case team that the only one who Vivian could have reported him to was her superior, Iris Keening. Iris had in fact buried the report, then sabotaged Vivian's plane because she believed that the ensuing scandal would get the WASP program shut down.

In the epilogue, Wolf found out that his brother's arrest was a ruse to get him to confess.