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Henry Raymes 1994
Henry in 1994
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Henry in 2007
Henry Raymes
Portrayed by Raphael Sbarge
Episode Thrill Kill
Status Arrested

Henry Raymes is a triple murderer who appeared in the first episode of Season 5, "Thrill Kill", where the team re-opened the investigation in the murders of three young boys in 1994.


While the exact details were not discussed during the episode, references are made to Henry suffering from abuse at the hands of his father during his childhood. Given the intense fear of the dark that Henry exhibits during the episode, it can be surmised that this abuse took place either at night or in dark rooms and that Henry was frequently locked in dark rooms during his childhood. This childhood abuse left Henry terrified of the dark, to the extent that he slept with the light on as an adult and kept flashlights in every room of the house.

Henry killed his son, Jack, and his son's two friends, George Russo and Sean Costley, by beating them to death with a flashlight in revenge for a prank when they turned the lights off in the basement. He then taped their eyes shut and left their bodies in an abandoned drainage site, with a note hinting at psychosis that drove him to the massacre.

Teddy Nimmo and Dylan Noakes were falsely convicted for the murders after confessions were coerced out of them. Henry had the nerve to actually jeer outside the court house after they were sentenced to life in prison. Henry's wife Tanya figured out he was the killer but did nothing for years.

In 2007, Teddy hanged himself in prison over a decade later. Henry was eventually arrested. Dylan was released over a decade too late.

Known Victims[]