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Henry Phillips 1964
Henry in 1964
Henry Phillips 2003
Henry in 2003
Henry 'Hank' Phillips
Portrayed by Brandon Routh (1964)
Chelcie Ross (2003)
Episode A Time to Hate
Status Alive

Henry Phillips was the secret boyfriend of Daniel Holtz. Henry was a young law student at Penn State when he met Daniel. They began a romantic relationship that was frowned upon in 1964. They were caught kissing by Daniel’s girlfriend Deborah, but continued the relationship.

The night Daniel was murdered, they were talking about if Danny's parents knew about their relationship. Daniel told Hank he couldn't tell them. They were then ambushed by Timmy O'Brien and two of his friends, who threw Chinese food at them, while calling them 'faggots'. Daniel tried to chase after them, even though Henry urged him not to. Daniel then went to a police officer, later identified as Officer Paul Nelson to issue a complain of harassment against the thugs. Henry hid in the shadows and left, as Danny was doing so.

Daniel came over later that night and they had an argument about being out in the open with their relationship. Henry didn't want that because he couldn't be a lawyer if he was openly gay. Danny threw the paperwork that officer Nelson gave to him, following the complaint and called him a coward before he stormed off. Few later, Daniel was beaten to death.

Henry would later graduate from Penn State and become a lawyer. Years later, when Daniel‘s murder investigation is reopened, Henry has become a judge, and is not eager to talk about his past with Danny. He eventually tells detectives about Danny's teammates’ hatred for him and how he was being blackmailed by The Hush Room. He also speaks with Danny's still-living mother Helen Holtz about the last time he saw him, and that he kept anything of Danny's with him; Helen deduces that he really loved her son, which Hank admits to.

Henry is seen at the memorial for Danny in the alley where he was murdered. He smiles at the soul of his old boyfriend when he drops by, and later a younger Henry joins Daniel for one final embrace before Daniel bids them farewell.