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Helen McCormick in 1960
Helen in 1960
Helen McCormick in 2008
Helen in 2008
Dr. Helen McCormick
Portrayed by Megan Boone (1960)
Adrienne Barbeau (2008)
Episode Wings
Status Alive

Helen McCormick is a character from "Wings". She was the best friend and coworker of Ally Thurston at GWA.

Helen got pregnant and Ally found out. She requested the flight to Sweden to get an abortion since GWA didn't want their stewardesses getting pregnant and Helen didn't want to lose her job. However, the procedure was botched and rendered her infertile. Helen's fiancé left her because he wanted to keep the baby. Helen's plight was the last straw for Ally and she protested against GWA's unfair policies against its stewardesses.

Helen is a doctor in 2008, so that no woman will endure what she had to.