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Helen Holtz 1964
Helen in 1964
Helen Holtz 2003
Helen in 2003
Helen Holtz
Portrayed by Lisa Long (1964)
Barbara Tarbuck (2003)
Episode A Time to Hate
Status Unknown

Helen Holtz was the mother of Daniel Holtz, a college student murdered in 1964. After detectives uncovered evidence that Daniel was gay, she and her husband Howard Holtz quietly followed the detectives' urging to drop the matter.

Some years later, in 2003, an apparently widowed Helen fell gravely ill and feared that she'd die before her son's killers would be brought to justice. She then returned to Philadelphia to ask the Homicide squad to reopen her son's case. This eventually led to the arrest of Timmy O'Brien and two other assailants and to Helen meeting Henry "Hank" Phillips, the young man and former classmate / friend her son had been in love with.