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Helena Bradley in 1979
Helen in 1979
Helena Bradley in 2006
Helen in 2006
Helen Bradley
Portrayed by Tay Blessey (1979)
Ele Keats (2006)
Episode The Key
Status Alive

Helen Bradley is a character from "The Key." She is the daughter of Carl and Libby Bradley.

In 1979, she watched as her parents' marriage was disturbed by the swinging lifestyle introduced by Joe Livingston. Things came to a head at Helen's sweet 16 birthday party when her mother quarreled with her lover Bill Huxley and sexually danced with his son, Jed. Helen was so humiliated by Libby's scandalous display in front of her friends and "the whole world" that she tried to kill herself by cutting her arm with an ice pick, even threatening her mother when her parents intervened.

The next day as Helen recovered, Libby tried to make things right between them by apologizing and explaining her identity crisis, before assuring her daughter that she loved her and promising things would be better from now on. However, Helen was too upset to to listen to her.

Shortly after, Helen was devastated when Libby was found murdered in the woods. She assured by Will Jeffries that they would find her mother's killer.

Libby's case was reopened in 2006. Helen confessed to the cold case team about her fallout with her mother and revealed that Libby was taking supplies to make a pinhole camera so she could watch an eclipse. The team figured out that the only other person who wanted to see that eclipse was Jed. They arrested him for murder.

In the epilogue, Helen, her father and Jeffries lay flowers at the site where her mother was killed. She also sees Libby's spirit.