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Heaton 1979
Coach Heaton in 1979
Heaton 2009
Coach Heaton in 2009
Coach Heaton
Portrayed by Brian Scannell (1979/1980)
Jude Ciccolella (2009)
Episode Iced
Status Alive

Heaton was the coach of the Fishtown Dockrats, an ice hockey team in the 80's which ceased in the 90's. One of his top players, Tommy Flanagan, fell for Heaton's daughter, Molly Heaton. But this possible relationship was sadly cut short due to his murder.

Heaton became a suspect in Tommy's case because of his spending time with Molly and her getting pregnant. Heaton had sent his daughter away to deal with her pregnancy, and the baby was given up. However, it's revealed Molly's child was actually fathered by Dwight Barnes when he raped her as part of his revenge on Tommy. Dwight killed Tommy when the latter found out.

Heaton reunited with his daughter in the epilogue.