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Harry Kemp 1958
Harry in 1958
Harry Kemp 2009
Harry in 2009
Harry Kemp Jr.
Portrayed by Sam Littlefield (1958)
Harve Presnell (2009)
Episode Libertyville
Status Alive

Harrison "Harry" Kemp Jr. was the son of real estate developer Harrison Kemp, brother of Caroline Bellowes and brother-in-law to Julian Bellowes. Harry resented Julian being ahead of him in both business and in his father's eyes, until Julian confided in Harry a secret he'd been keeping for years.


Harry was working for his father at Kemp & Sons in 1958 when the elder Kemp took on Julian. Harrison quickly started favoring Julian after he demonstrated impressive business skills and quickly promoted him to Vice-President, neglecting Harry. Julian and Harry became brothers-in-law after Julian married Caroline.

When negotiations with Angelo Romano, owner of the construction company they worked with, turned sour, Harry was ready to walk out. However, Julian salvaged the deal while still holding on to control of Summerton, where the Kemps were planning to build the Libertyville housing development which would make them a fortune. Prospective homeowners quickly bought up land for Libertyville, though at least one person was unhappy with Julian; Harry was present the day that a young farmer, Casey Hollenbeck, came in, angry that Kemp & Sons had convinced his grandfather to sell their land, though Julian was able to calm him down and later made a deal with him.

Harry was still suspicious about Julian's past, however. Julian had claimed his family attended a church called All Souls, though Harry spoke to Gene Riley, the deacon at All Souls, who had never heard of Julian's family. He relayed these suspicions to Caroline, who assumed this was simply a misunderstanding.

The night of November 6, 1958, Harry was throwing back gin in the Legacy Room at the Senator's Club when Julian came to talk to him. Angry at Julian's lies and favored status, Harry took a swing at him, but Julian dodged, and Harry put his fist through a window on a cabinet instead. Julian calmed him down, promising to make sure Harry's father gave him a fair chance. Harry, unconvinced, demanded to know where he came from, so Julian agreed to show him.

Julian took Harry to the home where he grew up, where friends and family were paying respects to Julian's father James Bellowes, who was dying. It was then that Julian revealed the truth: he was a black man who'd been passing himself off as white. A stunned Harry asked why Julian wasn't seeing his father. Julian explained there was something he had to make right before he could go home again. Before dropping Harry off, Julian told him he wanted to integrate Libertyville, allowing black families to live there.

Harry would never see Julian again. The next morning, he was found dead at the Libertyville site, his throat cut. Harrison and Caroline were devastated by the news. Harry would later say he suspected his father wished it had been him instead. Harry told Julian's secret to Harrison, and all the affection Harrison had for his son-in-law evaporated. Harrison had his high-placed friends bury Julian's murder investigation and instructed Harry to never tell his sister the truth.

Three weeks after Julian's murder, Harry was promoted to Vice-President.

In 2009, over half a century later, Mary Chisolm, a former maid at the Senator's Club, recalled overhearing Julian arguing with someone the night before his death (though she didn't know it was Harry) and glass breaking. This led to Julian's case being reopened.

After hearing from Angelo's son Paul Romano how Harrison had favored Julian over Harry, Harry was questioned by Detectives Lilly Rush and Scotty Valens. They had Harry's signature on a bar tab at the Senator's Club the night before Julian's murder. Harry claimed that he and Julian got along and he didn't remember being at the Senator's Club the night before the murder.

After learning from Caroline that Harry had been looking into Julian's past, and finding that DNA from blood on broken glass found at the Senator's Club matched Harry's, the two detectives questioned him again. Harry admitted to having a confrontation with Julian and confessed how Julian had revealed the truth about himself afterwards, his intention to integrate Libertyville, and how he had pre-approved a mortgage loan for the first black family, though Harry had never known their names. Harry further explained that it was his father Harrison who devised the coverup of Julian's death so that no one would know that his late son-in-law was a black man passing for white.

After digging through the company records, Harry was able to find the name of George Watson, an old acquaintance of Julian's. The bank had turned down George's loan and he subsequently killed Julian in an argument.

Harry was not seen after Julian's case was closed.