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Harland Sealey 1953
Harland in 1953
Harland Sealey 2004
Harland in 2004
Harland Sealey
Portrayed by Johnny Sneed (1953)
Orson Bean (2004)
Episode Red Glare
Status Arrested

Harland Sealey was a friend and killer of Elliot Garvey.


At some point prior to 1953, he went to college and became a teacher. Harland met and fell in love with Reina Kraus, a Siberian immigrant and communist, though she was in love with Elliot. During this time, he started going to school integration meetings. When the meetings caused the FBI to summon Elliot to testify, Harland grew afraid that he would give Reina's name to the Feds, which would result in her deportation.

The night before Elliot was set to testify, Harland approached him as he was by his slashed car and convinced his friend to walk home with him. As they walked, Harland asked Elliot if he would give up Reina, but Elliot didn't have a definite answer, though denied the possibility. Without a definite answer, Harland grew upset and struck Elliot with his cane multiple times, killing him.

As Elliot had become a social pariah, Harland was able to get away with the crime until 2004 when the case was reopened on behalf of Howard Garvey. Harland was also affected by the Communist accusations, as it took him 12 years to find another teaching job.

Despite his motive of protecting Reina, Harland was jealous that she liked Elliott more than him. He did not take kindly to Reina calling him just "a man of words" while she regarded Elliott as "a man of action". Although Harland was arrested, he smugly implied he might escape severe punishment due to his age. His bravado crumbles in the epilogue when he is seen in the holding cell by his beloved Reina.