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Ham Dunn 1985
Ham in 1985
Ham Dunn 2005
Ham in 2005
Ham Dunn
Portrayed by Jerry Kernion (1985)
Peter Siragusa (2005)
Episode Kensington
Status Alive

Ham Dunn is a minor character in "Kensington". He was married to Patty Dunn and they have two children, Jenny and Michael.

Ham, Butch Beard, Joe Young and Monty Fineman worked at a textile mill until it was closed down in 1985. Ham got another job but he was desperate too. When he lost money to Joe in a poker game, he lied to his wife that Joe cheated and in the confrontation that ensued, Ham revealed to him that their former boss Bob Johnstone had already sold the mill months before. This would lead to Joe's death. Ham saw Joe's body and stole $20 from it. He later went to prison for stealing an ATM machine.

Ham was paroled in 2005. Before he left, he confessed to robbing Joe's corpse to James Hogan, whom he did not know was Joe's nephew. James got the cold case team to find Ham and tell them what he knew about his uncle's murder, leading it to getting solved. Ham is last seen playing poker at the halfway house with other ex-cons.