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Dr. Greggs 1965
Dr. Greggs in 1965
Dr. Greggs 2005
Dr. Greggs in 2005
Dr. Greggs
Portrayed by Tim Tracy (1965)
Jack Betts (2005)
Episode A Perfect Day
Status Alive

Dr. Greggs had worked in the emergency room of Saint Boniface Hospital since his first year of residency in 1965. It was that year that a woman (later identified as Cindy Mulvaney) brought in her four-year-old daughter Vivian with a broken arm.

Cindy (who checked in under the name "Smith") claimed she'd dropped Vivian and suggested she needed glasses. Dr. Greggs, however, recognized that Vivian's injury was a spiral fracture caused by someone snapping her arm. Assuming Cindy had caused the injury, he confronted her about it. She begged him to take Vivian away, but as child abuse wasn't monitored at the time, there was nothing he could do. Dr. Greggs found out Cindy had used a false name when the hospital bill came back a week later: no known recipient, no known address.

Some forty years later, when Vivian's remains were found in the river, they tracked her injury to hospital records, which led to Dr. Greggs, who was still working at the hospital. Dr. Greggs recalled the incident vividly to Detectives Will Jeffries and Nick Vera, telling them that was the first time he realized how little he could do for abused children.

Dr. Greggs didn't have much information to offer, but did remember Cindy wearing the uniform of a carhop waitress, which led them to Cindy's former workplace.