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Greg Vizcaino
Greg in 2000
Greg Vizcaino
Portrayed by Anthony Diaz-Perez
Episode Discretion
Status Deceased (2000)

Greg Vizcaino is the victim in "Discretion". He was a poor man who worked his way up to become the Assistant District Attorney in New Haven, Connecticut. He had a bright future and was going to run for governor.

Greg was put in charge of the rape and murder case of Stacey Hall in 2000. Antonio Mendez, a barely literate Latino youth, was accused of the crime. It seemed like an open-and-shut case but Greg was approached by his old friend from the barrio, Kiki Solis, to look into it again.

Greg reluctantly re-investigated, only to find that the clues lead to a couple of white boys, the Kennedy brothers. The only witness that could verify this was a male prostitute named Ramon who had skipped town. Greg tracked him down to Philadelphia and got him to confess that the Kennedys are Stacey's true killers. Ramon also revealed that it was Detective Salvador Martin who threatened him into leaving.

Greg told Sal to meet him in Philly. Sal confessed that he did run Ramon out of town since he beat a false confession out of Antonio. Sal killed Greg when he said he was going to reveal the truth even if it meant putting an end to his own political ambitions.

Greg's reputation suffered after his death since his corpse was found in a red light district. Suspicious transactions were leaked by his partner Harold Mott, who was also running for governor.

Greg's widow Anna Vizcaino pleaded to the cold case team in 2004 to clear her late husband's name. It turned out that Greg was using the money as bribes for information about where to find Ramon, and it was Harold who was stealing from the till. In the end, Sal and the Kennedys were arrested. Greg's spirit appears to Scotty Valens while he watches Antonio reunite with his mother.