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Grant Bowen
Grant in 1984
Dr. Grant Bowen
Portrayed by Emmanuel Xuereb
Episode The River
Status Deceased (1984)

Dr. Grant Bowen was a talented doctor and a caring husband and father. However, he was addicted to gambling and had plunged his family deep into debt. Due to his addiction, his career suffered along with his marriage and home life.

His son couldn't attend his first choice college (Cornell) because of his gambling addiction. Grant had asked his fellow addict, Cyrus Tisdale, to shoot him so that his family would collect and benefit from his life insurance. Grant knew that if his death looked like suicide the insurance company wouldn't pay out to his wife and son. So, he asked Tisdale to kill him. Tisdale reluctantly obliged and Grant's son used the insurance money to transfer to Cornell. Grant's wife and son were unaware of this arrangement until Tisdale confessed in 2006.