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Grady Giles 1995
Grady in 1995
Grady Giles 2009
Grady in 2009
Grady Giles
Portrayed by Drew James (1995)
Warren Kole (2009)
Episode Hoodrats
Status Alive

Grady Giles is a character from "Hoodrats". He was a young skater in 1995 who got himself some corporate sponsorships.

Grady and Nash Simpson did not get along personally but he respected Nash's talent. One night, Nash's friend Cal Acevedo gave Grady a tape of Nash doing an awesome skate trick. He was told that Nash had "split" and is not coming back. Grady nailed the trick and became famous.

He was one of the prime suspects in the murder of Nash in 2009. Grady left the incriminating tape with his ex-girlfriend, Vonda Martin. He was accused of killing Nash but he pointed the police towards Cal. Grady is last seen unhappily signing autographs, after finding out that his fame came at the cost of someone's life.