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Grace in 1966
Grace in 2009
Grace Stearns
Portrayed by Ashley Johnson (1966)
Anita Gillette (2009)
Episode The Crossing
Status Arrested

Grace Stearns is a character from "The Crossing". She was the friend and murderer of Darcy Curtis.

Grace and Darcy went aboard the S.S. Americana together where they traveled to France. She tried convincing Darcy to marry Henry Speck, as Grace was already married to his cousin, Chester. She became even more determined when Darcy decided to marry Tucker "Duke" Benton instead. Darcy broke Grace's bubble by reminding her that Chester had already left her. Feeling like she'd been abandoned for the second time, Grace snapped and pushed Darcy to her death in the engine room. She hid Darcy's body, placed her shoes near some railings so it looked like she jumped overboard, and even sent a suicide telegram to Henry.

In 2009, Darcy's case was reopened after her remains were uncovered. Grace pointed out Tucker as a possible suspect. Geoffrey Manning (head steward at the time), however, claimed that he found Darcy's shoes half an hour before she supposedly sent her suicide telegram. The cold case team figured out that Grace is the killer and arrested her.