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Gonzalo Luque.jpg
Gonzalo in 1999
Gonzalo Luque
Portrayed by Shalim Ortiz
Episode Stealing Home
Status Deceased (1999)

Ganzalo Luque was a Cuban refugee and baseball star who was accidentally killed by his cousin.


Prior to 1998, he married Piedad Luque and had a son Andres Luque. After he had contact with American sports agent, Jaime Reyes, it caused the Cuban government to take baseball away from him. As a result, in 1998, he arrived on Miami Beach along with a raft of other refugees. Unlike the others on the raft, he was the only one who made it to land without being arrested. Not long after that, he was signed to play with the Phillies.

At first, he didn't get along with his teammate Eric "Showtime" Hynes until they buried the hatchet to the point that the other man gave him one of his bats. The man also introduced him to Marisol Acosta. However he still wanted to bring his family over and talked his agent into paying for them to come over illegally. When Piedad arrived in Miami, she was being held and called him, revealing that his parents were still back in Cuba due to Reyes switching them out for two ballplayers. He then fired the man.

As he headed home, he heard someone throwing base balls so he stopped and learned that it was his cousin Juan de la Cruz. After trying to help the man, his cousin grew angry and accidentally hit him in the chest with a baseball bat as the man spoke in a furious rage about the torture he suffered in Cuba. It resulted in him going into Cardiac Arrest.