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Gina Lopresi 1982
Gina in 1982
Gina Lopresi 2010
Gina in 2010
Gina Lopresi
Portrayed by Teresa Castillo (1982)
Elizabeth Rodriguez (2010)
Episode Bombers
Status Alive

Gina Lopresi is a character from "Bombers". She was a tagger in 1982 who called herself "Talon" (for clawing out her abusive stepfather's eyes). She worked in a hardware store where she stole her favorite orange spray paint.

Gina met Carlos Espinosa and his friend Leon at a party thrown by King Tut, who was the most infamous tagger in Philly. She hung around them until Don Bardwill chased them away one night while they were tagging. Carlos said that Don always knew where he was and he suspected that someone's snitching on him.

The next time Gina met Carlos was in the sewer where she found him spray-painting a mural dedicated to Leon, who had died while escaping from Don. She suggested they should join Tut's crew because no one messed with them or their tags. This convinced Carlos that Tut is the snitch. He took some of Gina's spray paint and ran off. He was murdered by Tut shortly after by spraying Gina's paint in his mouth.

Gina owns her own clothing boutique in 2010. She pays tribute to Carlos by using his star pattern (which she saw on the Leon mural) on her dresses. She also told the cold case team that Leon's nickname was "Turbo" which meant that the mysterious tagger named "Turbo 102" stole his nickname.

In the epilogue, Gina and Don are last seen with some kids recreating the Leon mural, this time above ground near the place where Carlos died. Carlos' mother Sonia Espinosa also attended to lay flowers at the site.