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Gina Carroll in 1976
Gina in 1976
Gina Carroll in 2005
Gina in 2005
Gina Carroll
Portrayed by Danielle Harris (1976)
Elaine Kagan (2005)
Episode Yo, Adrian
Status Alive

Gina Carroll is a character from "Yo, Adrian". She is the daughter of Sonny Carroll, who is a boxing referee. Gina struck up a relationship with wannabe amateur boxer Jerry Stone, which her father did not approve of.

She was told by Buck Lowman that Jerry's opponent in the exhibition fight, Maurice "Mad Mo" Bell, is taking a dive. Buck gave Gina some money so she could put down a bet (with her not knowing that he robbed a convenience store). Jerry asked her to marry him but she told him that the fix is in and he should play along. He instead took the ring back.

The fight went on and Jerry lasted all 15 rounds but the injuries he sustained killed him. Gina blamed her father for not stopping the fight and it wrecked their relationship.

Gina is a hotel maid in 2005 when she heard of her father's death. Sonny admitted on his deathbed that someone bribed him to keep the fight going, thus reopening Jerry's case. It turned out that it was Jerry himself who bribed Sonny to prove to everyone that he's not a bum.

In the epilogue, Gina attended her father's funeral reception and imagined seeing both him and Jerry there.