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Gil Sherman
Gil Sherman
Portrayed by Kevin McCorkle
First Appearance Churchgoing People
Last Appearance Committed
Status Alive

Considered to be the 'best in Fugitives', Gil Sherman once worked in Homicide alongside John Stillman. He has since assisted the current Homicide detectives in several cases.

A recovering alcoholic, despite his skill as a detective, he admits to Lilly Rush that during his drinking days, 'he did some damage'. This includes missing key elements of the Mitchell Bayes case in 1990, which was later solved by Lilly after Sherman's transfer to Fugitives. Sherman was seen again shortly afterward, where he helped facilitate an exchange of information about the 1981 Paige Pratt murder from a suspect he had arrested in an unrelated crime, who in turn sought a reduced sentence.

His biggest contribution so far has been in the 1999 Greg Cardiff case, where he convinced a lady from his Alcoholics Anonymous group (who suspected she may have been responsible for Cardiff's death, which had seemingly occurred as a result of a hit-and-run), to come forward. Sherman also captured a suspect in the Rita Baxter case from 1990, as he was attempting to leave town after committing a similar murder fourteen years later in 2004. Gil also assisted the homicide detectives in gathering information on the 2000 murder of ADA Greg Vizcaino from New Haven, CT.

The last time Gil Sherman has been seen was a casual encounter with Scotty Valens in the lobby of the Philadelphia Police Department in 2005, shortly after Josie Sutton joined the Homicide department. He assured Scotty that the rumours surrounding Josie having an affair with her previous commanding officer were untrue.


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