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Gibby Hanes 2002
Gibby in 2002
Gibby Hanes 2007
Gibby in 2007
Gibby Hanes
Portrayed by Graham Hamilton
Episode 8:03 AM
Status Arrested

Gibby Hanes was the killer of Madison Reed, a female schoolmate of his. With his affluent background and good looks, Gibby was the most unusual drug dealer. He started that "hobby" because of his desperate need for attention, mostly from his schoolmates. But that "perfect" world would fall apart when he would murder Madison because she scolded him about his "hobby" ruining people's lives, but what she would say next to him would be the last straw: their schoolmates still thought of him as a joke and a nobody, and taunted him behind his back, which he had no clue about. Gibby, thinking Madison was lying to him and getting furious of her ridiculing him, he would lose control and shoot her to death. He would then flee the scene.