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Throughout the entirety of the series, After the cold cases were solved and witnessing how the people of the victim go by their daily lives, which ends with either Detective Rush, Detective Vera, or anyone else briefly seeing the ghost of the victim, just before they disappeared.

List of Ghosts[]

Season 1[]

Episode 15 = Disco Inferno[]

  • The ghost of Benny Rosen appears at a night club where it looked like he was reunited with Sonya, as they had the dance that they didn't have due to his death and the fire that burn the club down.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Episode 5 = Committed[]

  • The Ghost of Bettie Petrowski appears at an art gallery for Carmen Hays (who pretended to be Bettie) as she witnesses Lily giving her son and granddaughter the plastic solider that he gave her when she was committed as a child.

Season 4[]

Episode 19 = Offender[]

  • The ghost of Clayton appears after his father and mother reunited when he was discovered to not be killed by him.

Season 5[]

Episode 10= Justice=[]

  • The ghost of Mike Delaney appears in the cold case room, with Nick giving him a cold glare due to knowing how he was when he was alive.

Season 6[]

Season 7[]


  • While the show was meant to be a down to earth crime drama, The idea of having the ghost of the victims appearing at the end, and then disappearing is more of the fantasy concept.