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Geraldine Watkins 1970
Geraldine in 1970
Geraldine Watkins 2009
Geraldine in 2009
Geraldine Watkins
Portrayed by Vanessa Bell Calloway (1970)
Anna Maria Horsford (2009)
Episode Soul
Status Alive

Geraldine Watkins is a character from "Soul". In 1970, she operated a secret bar called The Hive in the basement of her apartment building. Billy Sanders played there in secret along with his friend Buster Large. It was in The Hive where Billy met Beatrice Sloan, who scouted him and Buster for record producer Ronde Brooks.

Geraldine was kind to Billy and even loaned him $2,500 so he could record his own songs. He paid her back but found out that she was having an affair with his father, Reverend Tom Sanders.

The Hive was shut down some time after Billy's death and Geraldine opened a restaurant, which is actually a front for numbers running.

When Billy's murder was reopened in 2009, Will Jeffries saw that one of the items that he carried was a makeshift membership card that only musicians who played at The Hive carried. This led the detectives to Geraldine.

Ronde later revealed that Geraldine used to be a loan shark and suggested that she killed Billy because he couldn't pay her back. Lilly Rush, Scotty Valens and some rookie cop that Scotty saw came down to Geraldine's place and threatened to shut her down if she didn't talk, but all she could confess was her affair with Reverend Tom.