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Geoffrey in 1966
Geoffrey in 2009
Geoffrey Manning
Portrayed by John Churchill (1966)
Stephen Mendillo (2009)
Episode The Crossing
Status Alive

Geoffrey Manning is a character from "The Crossing". He is a lifelong servant of the Gibbs family.

Geoffrey grew up alongside the Gibbs' daughter Millie and fell in love with her, but knew there was no chance for them due to their different backgrounds. Still, he remained protective of Millie. In 1966, Geoffrey was working aboard the S.S. Americana as first-class head steward. When he found out that Tucker "Duke" Benton was about to marry Darcy Curtis, he tried to convince Darcy not to go through with it as Duke was already engaged to Millie.

Geoffrey is a maitre'd at Gibbs Steakhouse in 2009. Nick Vera got him to cooperate by threatening to have his other shabby cop buddies hang out at the bar. Geoffrey claimed that he was the one who first saw the shoes of the missing Darcy at 3:30 in the morning but he said nothing. Half an hour later, Darcy's suicide telegram was somehow sent to her boyfriend, Henry Speck.

The cold case team figured out that the telegram was sent by Darcy's friend and murderer, Grace Stearns. As for Geoffrey, he is last seen looking on at the team as they celebrate the closing of another case at Gibbs Steakhouse.