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Gene Schmidt 1997
Gene in 1997
Gene Schmidt 2008
Gene in 2008
Gene Schmidt
Portrayed by John Hillner
Episode Sabotage
Status Alive

Eugene "Gene" Schmidt was the Senior VP of Project Design at Kinetic Corp, and the second victim of serial bomber Alessandro Rossilini. A forty-two year old father of three, Gene, when Kinetic Corp started cutting overhead costs in 1997, was forced to fire Alessandro and at least twenty others. During their last meeting, when Alessandro told him he had a family to support and a mortgage to pay, Gene advised him to take the severance package, and to try and find some temp work and acquire new skills, bluntly telling Alessandro he had become a commodity, as the company, along with every other in the area, was going to open plants overseas, where new engineers could be easily trained and paid only a fifth of an American's salary.

Four years later in 2001, Gene found a music box left in the courtyard of the building by Alessandro. Gene opened the box, causing it to play John Henry before exploding. Gene survived the blast, but was disfigured and completely blinded in his right eye. Gene left the firm after the attack, quit smoking, and was unable to even enter an office environment for some time.

After the Philly Racket and Sports Club was bombed in 2008, Gene was tracked down by the team and interviewed, after it was discovered the bomb used in the club attack was the same type as the one that had maimed him. During the interview, Gene recounted his last meeting with Alessandro.