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Gabriel Ariza
Gabriel in 2009
Gabriel Ariza
Portrayed by Mateo Arias
First Appearance Officer Down
Last Appearance Mind Games
Status Arrested

Gabriel Ariza is an Dominican-American preteen boy who was arrested for the murder of Henry "Pops" Walters and the attempted murder of Detective Will Jeffries. He had an older brother named Francisco. When Henry "Pops" Walters insulted them after they tried to take some chips and popcorn from his store without planning on paying, Gabriel became angry. Francisco by this time already forgave Pops and shook hands with him, but Gabriel still killed him and shot at Detective Will Jeffries. Ariza plead guilty to murder in the third degree which is murder done with a depraved heart and recklessness.


  • Gaberiel is the youngest criminal in the cold case series.


Season 6