Frankie Rafferty
Frankie Rafferty
Portrayed by Tania Raymonde
First Appearance Pin Up Girl
Last Appearance The Long Blue Line
Status Alive

Francine "Frankie" Rafferty was a lab technician in the Philadelphia Police Department. She dated Detective Scotty Valens throughout 2008 and 2009 before their relationship ended.


Frankie was married to Billy Rafferty around 2003, though they separated in 2008. Sometime after this, Frankie assisted Scotty in the 1953 murder case of Rita Flynn by recovering a photographers. Frankie teased Scotty about having missed a base while making a home run at a softball game the previous week. Scotty eventually asked her out, taking her to a batting cage for their first date.

Soon after, Billy found out about Scotty and Frankie and began making harassing phone calls to Scotty. One night, he even vandalized Scotty's car outside a bar and attacked Scotty, not knowing he was a cop.

Scotty confronted Frankie about this, angry that she hadn't told him she was married. The two had a cooling-off period, during which time Scotty dated reporter Tory Roberts. This led to a rather awkward encounter when Scotty ran into Frankie at the bar he'd taken Tory. Scotty and Frankie argued briefly, but quickly left together.

Frankie's family was pressuring her to work things out with Billy, however, even bringing in a priest to counsel her. She eventually told a disappointed Scotty that she was going to try and work on her marriage. Some weeks later, however, after Detective Will Jeffries was shot, Frankie consoled a shaken Scotty, apparently sleeping with him.

Sometime later, Frankie decided to end things with Billy for good. He moved out and she asked him for a divorce. She was someone dismayed at Scotty's ambivalent reaction to this, however. He admitted the "back and forth" between them was awkward, that coming to her after Jeffries got shot was wrong, and suggested a "cooling off". Realizing their relationship was effectively over, a disappointed Frankie told Scotty he was making a mistake, then walked away.


Season 6

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