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Frank James in 1944
Frank in 1944
Frank James in 2009
Frank in 2009
Frank James
Portrayed by Chad Faust (1944)
Newell Alexander (2009)
Episode WASP
Status Alive

Captain Frank James is a character from "WASP". He was a flight instructor teaching the WASPs in 1944. His brother Herbert "Wolf" James was also training as a pilot. Their other brother Charlie died in Normandy.

Frank was in a secret relationship with Vivian Lynn. Her friend Edna Reed died in a crash and she figured out that Wolf sabotaged Edna's plane. Vivian demanded that Frank have Wolf court-martialed but he refused, fearing the thought of losing another brother. She was reported missing on a solo flight the next day.

Frank was questioned in 2009 and found out that Wolf forged the former's signature as part of sabotaging Edna's plane. He was horrified by his brother's crime and devastated that he brushed off the woman he loved. Frank then pretended to have been arrested for Edna's death to get Wolf to confess. He watched as his brother was arrested in the epilogue.