Francisco Ariza.jpg
Francisco in 2009
Francisco Ariza
Portrayed by Manny Montana
Episode Officer Down
Status Deceased (2009)

Francisco Ariza was a young Dominican-American man who had a younger brother named Gabriel Ariza. He was murdered by James Valentine,


Franisco and Gabriel wanted to buy some chips and popcorn from Henry "Pops" Walters' store, but they had no intent on paying. Pops insulted him and he was suspected in Pops' murder and the shooting of Detective Will Jeffries. With him on their mind, the detectives sought him out, but he would be murdered by James Valentine before they could get to him. James would kill him because he adored Pops and wanted to avenge his death. Gabriel, however was found guilty of the crimes. Gabriel was charged with third degree murder and sentenced to 25-50 years in prison.

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