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Status Arrested

Coach Fitzpatrick was the boxing coach for Mike and Scotty Valens when they were children, up until he molested Mike, which was inadvertently witnessed by Scotty. After this incident, Mike warned Scotty to stay away from Fitzpatrick without mentioning why.

Years later in 2006, Scotty, now a detective for the Philly PD homicide unit, was approached by ADA Alexandra Thomas via Lieutenant John Stillman to procure his brother's testimony for the upcoming trial against Fitzpatrick, who had been charged with molesting other young boys. Mike's name came up as a possible witness. At first, Mike denied any knowledge, but after having a nervous breakdown brought on by his repressed memories of the assault and learning about the suicide of one of his childhood friends who at that point was the Commonwealth's only witness against Fitzpatrick, Mike relented and agreed to help put Fitzpatrick away by testifying.