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Dr. Finnegan in 1964
Dr. Finnegan
Portrayed by Unknown
Episode The Good-Bye Room
Status Deceased (1975)

Dr. Finnegan was a doctor employed to examine and treat pregnant teens at St. Mary's Home For Unwed Mothers in the 1960's.

A known drinker, Finnegan's performance as a doctor was abysmal; six women bled to death on his delivery table between 1961 and 1968, before the Medical Board finally revoked his medical license. Sister Margaret, who ran the home, would later say that St. Mary's resources were limited and Finnegan's price fit their budget.

His patients in 1964 included Karen Watson, who referred to Finnegan as "Dr. Frankenstein", and Hilary West, who was murdered during her stay at St. Mary's.

After years of drinking, Finnegan died from liver cirrhosis in 1975. When Hilary's case was reopened in 2007, the detectives, upon learning of Finnegan's reputation, suspected that she might have died on his watch and that St. Mary's covered it up. In the end, however, this proved not to be the case.