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Finn Cooper
Finn Cooper
Portrayed by Brett Davern
First Appearance Soul
Last Appearance The Good Soldier
Status Alive

Finn Cooper is the son of Paul and Celeste Cooper, younger brother of Maggie Cooper, and paternal half-brother of Lilly and Christina Rush. Finn met Lilly for the first time in late 2009.


Finn grew up unaware of Lilly's existence and knew little of his father's life before Finn was born. Finn finally learned of Lilly after she tracked down her father and began to reconnect with him. After several declined invitations from the Cooper family to have Lilly over, Finn made a point of going to meet Lilly himself.

Finn went to the police station where Lilly worked, and had Officer Lennox ask for her. After waiting a few minutes, however, Finn left. The following night, Finn would be brought back in by officers on a drunk and disorderly charge and asked for Lilly again. When Lilly asked for his name, Finn gave a fake ID with the name Sean Thomason. Though Lilly immediately recognized the ID as fake, Finn asked about what she did there. The drunken Finn was unable to provide any answers of his own, so Lilly had him placed in a holding cell downstairs.

Lilly woke Finn up the next morning, having found out who he really was. Finn admitted he simply wanted to see what Lilly looked like, and admitted he knew little of his father's younger years. Lilly then let him go, giving him her card and telling him he didn't need to get himself locked up whenever he wanted to see her.

Lilly and Finn would begin meeting soon after this, with telling him more about his father.

Some weeks later, Paul would find Lilly's card and learn Lilly and Finn had been meeting behind his back. Paul and Finn argued, and Finn ran away, taking his father's car and a thousand dollars in cash. Finn drove to Atlantic City, where he would win five hundred dollars, but lost the car when it was towed.

Paul caught up with Finn soon after this with Lilly's help, and took him home. Finn announced his intention to become a cop like Lilly instead of attending Cornell University, like his father expected. Paul was appalled at this, which in turn offended Lilly. The three argued, until Celeste came out of the house and insisted the three come inside and eat the dinner she'd cooked. After a dressing down from Celeste, the tension was settled, and Lilly would begin joining the Coopers for dinner regularly.