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Felton Metz 1938
Felton in 1938
Felton Metz 2007
Felton in 2007
Felton Metz
Portrayed by Tuc Watkins (1938)
Ralph Waite (2007)
Episode World's End
Status Arrested

Felton Metz is a character from "World's End". He was the vice president of a company and once led an idyllic life with his wife, Audrey, and son, Dobber. However, Felton lost his job in 1935, putting a strain on his marriage.

Felton's pride and desire to continue being seen as the man of the house led him to put on a suit and go to an empty office everyday, simply to keep up appearances. He couldn't handle it when Audrey began working as a taxi dancer and started a romance with Will Paige. Felton initially relented when Audrey assured him no one would find out about her job and agreed to let her keep working at the ballroom to support the family, only to kill her when he realized she had gone to see Will during the War of the Worlds radio broadcast.

Felton dumped Audrey's body in a well to hide the evidence, with the cover of the alien invasion hoax leading to many speculations on her disappearance.

By 2007, Felton had developed Alzheimer's and has to be taken care of by Dobber. Lilly Rush got him to confess the murder by pretending to be Audrey. He is arrested and Dobber can do nothing but watch.