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Felicity Andrews
Felicity in 1978
Felicity Andrews
Portrayed by Anna Rose Moore
Episode The Last Drive-In
Status Deceased (1981)

Felicity Andrews was the second victim of Paul Shepard. She was a friend and co-worker of Nancy Kent.

In 1978, Felicity, an executive assistant at a savings and loan business, received many harassing phone calls from an unidentified caller, presumed to be Paul Shepard.

It is discovered that she did not file paperwork that could have given Bill Shepard an extension on his loan. He defaulted on the loan, and lost his drive-in movie theater.

Felicity was shot and killed on November 16, 1981.

When Bill Shepard committed suicide in 1978, he referred to the Felicity in his sucide note as being "the secretary too blind to realize she worked for thieves."