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Felicia Grant
Felicia in 1989
Felicia Grant
Portrayed by Sarah Habel
Episode Almost Paradise
Status Deceased (1989)

Felicia Grant is the victim in "Almost Paradise". She was a 17-year-old girl who was murdered in a hit-and-run the day after her senior prom on May 21st, 1989; the dance being on the 20th.


Felicia was a very elegant, savvy, and popular girl at McKinley High, where she was a cheerleader and member of the student body. Felicia had many people loving her or sadly envying her. Suzie described her as someone who saw what she wanted, and got it. However, Felicia soon decided she wanted more out of life than becoming Prom Queen.

On the night of prom, Felicia had to deal with petty relationship drama involving her boyfriend Cole Austen, her best friend Suzie Hill and ex-friend Lee Mavoides. She was surprised Lee took Suzie to prom, and opened up to him on how she's disillusioned with her popularity. Suzie became enraged when she saw her friend apparently flirting with her prom date and learned about Felicia's complicated past with Lee. Finally, Felicia broke up with Cole because she planned to move to California and attend UC Berkeley thanks to the recommendation of assistant principal Steve Burke, wanting a fresh start. Cole took the breakup well enough and was ironically the person she parted on the best terms with. They took a last photo of them together, with Felicia giving Cole her panties so he could maintain the illusion of sleeping with her at prom.

Felicia was ditched at school and could not get back inside. She ended up getting a ride home from Mr. Burke, declining to attend the prom after-party. Felicia thanked Burke for helping get into Berkeley and confided in him about how she's leaving behind everything she once new and her fear of the future, to which he comforted her. Due to Burke having feelings for Felicia, he made a move which resulted in her rushing out of his car. He then mowed her down, killing her. Burke hid Felicia's disposable prom camera in the school basement.

Some time after Felicia's death, her father passed away. Her mother eventually remarried and moved to Miami.

In 2010, Felicia's case was reopened when the camera was rediscovered by Miss Jacobs while looking for prom decorations. The last photo of Felicia alive (taken by Burke) showed that she was outside the school at 12:15 AM, but she died three miles away 15 minutes later, meaning whoever took that photo and gave her a ride killed her. The cold case team realized that the camera had 24 rolls but only 23 photos. They recovered a digital negative of Felicia and Cole's photo and saw Principal Burke's silver car in the background. Silver paint chips were found on Felicia's body. Burke confessed the murder and he was arrested.

In the epilogue as Suzie is picking up her daughter from school, she imagines seeing Felicia, still lively and beautiful but without the burden of the Prom Queen crown.