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Fannie 1943
Fannie in 1943
Fannie 2004
Fannie in 2004
Portrayed by Michelle Hicks (1943)
Lois Smith (2004)
Episode Factory Girls
Status Alive

Fannie was a factory worker at Brill in 1943, where she became a friend of Alice Miller, Martha, and Buddie Walker.


Fannie was described by Dottie, the secretary at Brill, as having a 'past'. Many of the women who worked in the factory shied away from Fannie, due to a rumor that she shot her husband in 1940. This was true, though it wasn't fatal and was only done in self-defense after he attacked her with a screwdriver.

Fannie had no great affection for Dottie either, sarcastically describing Dottie's insistence that the penciled seams on her legs looked just as nice as real nylons being 'a matter of opinion'. Fannie often dated servicemen, one of whom told her what he'd heard about extermination of Jews in the concentration camps in Europe, a fact which she passed on to her co-workers at Brill, though most of them passed it off as gossip, with the exception of Alice, who had a Jewish cousin named Ivan in Europe. Alice eventually became friends with Fannie after running into her at Smokey's Dance Hall, and later attended a 'Swing for Victory' dance there with her and Martha.

Alice was killed in fall later that year, which was presumed an accident. In 2004, when her death was re-opened, Fannie was questioned by Detectives Lilly Rush and Will Jeffries about Alice after they read about Fannie in her diary. Fannie scoffed at the suggestion that she had any reason to hurt Alice and told them what she'd told Alice about the camps. Lilly and Lieutenant John Stillman, and later Fannie and Martha visit Smokey's, along with the former owner Richard, to recall what happened the night of the dance.

The three later had a reunion with Buddie shortly after Alice's husband Nelson Miller was arrested for her murder.