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Evan Corky Mazer 1989
"Corky" in 1989
Evan Corky Mazer 2010
Evan in 2010
Evan "Corky" Mazer
Portrayed by Brendan Robinson (1989)
Jed Rees (2010)
Episode Almost Paradise
Status Alive

Evan Mazer is a minor character from "Almost Paradise". He attended McKinley High School, where he was a member of the AV club and nicknamed "Corky".

He was one of the many admirers of the spunky and stunning Felicia Grant, but being somewhat dorky and unpopular, it was a task for him to get near her and to express his true feelings. At their senior prom in 1989, Corky was responsible for the dance's photography. During that night, he found a letter waiting for him in his locker in which "Felicia" wrote down that she felt a great deal for him as well.

Emboldened, Corky approached Felicia and her best friend, Suzie Hill, at prom, telling her that he got "her" letter. However, she had no idea what he was talking about. Felicia's boyfriend and date, Cole Austen, and his pals overheard and began laughing at and mocking Corky. Sadly and embarrassingly, the love letter wasn’t from Felicia, but them; Cole and his friends had known about Corky’s crush on Felicia and decided it would be hilarious to prank the nerd. The hurt and humiliated Corky made his anger known, though to the wrong person - Felicia - and stormed off. He then left prom and hid in the parking lot to stew in his feelings.

But Felicia didn’t know that Cole would do something so despicable and insensitive, and get her unknowingly involved. She would later try to find Corky to sincerely apologize while Cole and his friends wouldn't. Felicia also wanted to tell Corky that she didn't know about the prank and they can be somewhat friends, if he still wants. Though she didn't get the opportunity, Corky overheard Felicia tell Cole off for the prank after backing out of having sex in his car, much to both Corky and Cole's confusion.

Though the experience was humiliating and heartbreaking for Corky, it served him well in the long run, as it made him determined to better himself into someone people would not mess with. He signed up for the army the very next day and saw the world, spending years learning fighting skills and toughening up. In fact, by the time Evan was interviewed again 20 years later, he hasn’t been called by his nickname in years, since he knocked out the teeth of the last person who did.

In 2010, Evan is a karate teacher and ex-army man. He would be questioned at his dojo about Felicia's reopened murder case specifically because of his fury over being pranked. Evan denied hurting Felicia and revealed her argument with Cole. He is not seen after the case is solved.